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Corporate Mail Management

Corporate Mail Management

Your organization requires cost-effective and flexible communication tools. With Microsoft Exchange Server you can achieve new levels of reliability and performance with features that simplify your administration, help protect your communications, and delight your users by meeting their demands for greater mobility.
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Mail Server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP with Imail or Exchange)

1. Installing / configuring Microsoft Exchange server .
2. Adding domain for email server.
3. Exchange server administrator and monitoring.
4. Configuring SMTP routing, Mail relay restriction , anti spamming restriction.
5. User access restriction , access file restriction Installing and securing Microsoft outlook 
Web access for users Web mail.
6. Securing Microsoft outlook Web access.

Mail Server (Exim, qmail, Postfix and Sendmail)

1. Installing and configuring mail server.
2. Configuring auto-responders and mailing lists.
3. Security configuration and audits of security status.
4. Integration of spam and anti-virus software.
5. Implementation of Web-based management software.
6. Setting up SMTP authentication.
7. MySQL integration.
8. User management.

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